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Time: 31/10/2019 - 31/10/2019

Sexier ? Spookier  and Cooler? than ever!
? FREE first drinks for all ladies
? Win a Bottle of Dom Perignon for Sexiest Costume of the night
? Hip-hop and House music with Dj Helen and Yang all night
? Premium menu at happy prices.
?? Limited Seats Only! Book now: http://bit.ly/2P7gHfI
?: @irusuloungesg on IG
 : +84 28 3824 5533
? : info@irususaigon.com
? : 57 Nguyen Du, HCMC

enjoy at the best lounge sài gòn | Irusu lounge
Tableside Mixology
Time: -

A Special Offer for our customers when you choose “Bottle Service” @ Irusu Lounge.

If you choose a bottle @Tableside Package Price, a “Mini Cocktails Station” will be set up especially for you at your table and paring with our advised dish.

Our team will make a “selected list” of 5 cocktails based on your Bottle Order @your table, or we also can show you how to make your own cocktails (if you love to).

Our Tableside Mixology Menu Links:

Tableside Mixology Whisky Menu Tableside Mixology Gin Menu

IRUSU Cocktails Workshop
Time: -

IRUSU would like to give you a full training experience with your favorite beverages of your choice through our IRUSU Cocktail Workshop per your requests.

Ticket: 800.000 VND ++ per person per workshop
Maximum 6 guests / Minimum 4 guests.
During the workshop you will have:
– Full knowledge on beverages training
– 3- 4 cocktails of your favourite
– Practice making your own cocktails
– Enjoy your cocktail with our paring foods
– A gift set from Eight Four Collective.

enjoy your cokctail drink at cocktail bar saigon | Irusu lounge
Women’s Day
Time: 20/10/2019 - 20/10/2019

Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day 2019!
“Be your own kind of beauty”. Choose your cocktails wisely. And enjoy the special day fully.
Special gift is waiting for you at IRUSU. Come and celebrate your day with us! You’re worth it!
Group 4 Women: 50% OFF 1 bottle of Sparkling wine – Prosecco – 625.000
“Treat her like a lady” Combo: 1 btl Prosecco + 1 Fruit Platter + 1 shisha – 1.550.000
Ladies cocktail menu:
– Red Devil: 140.000/ glass
– Angel in Disguise: 140.000/ glass

gin and tonic drinks | Irusu lounge
Gin and Tonics
Time: 19/10/2019 - 19/10/2019

Gin and tonics have been substantially a British drink for the longest time. Whether you order it at a bar or make it at home, gin and tonics deserve their day to be celebrated.
Special Combo Gin & Tonic:
– Order 1 Combo btl of ROKU & 3 Tonic (1.900.000) Complimentary 1 Fruits Platter or 1 Special Shisha.
– Order 1 Combo btl of Hendrick’s & 3 Tonic (2.200.000) Complimentary 1 Fruits Platter and 1 Special Shisha.
Gin & Tonic:
– Gin & Tonic 95.000/ glass
– IRUSU G&T 160.000/ glass

drink sake at the best lounge sài gòn | Irusu lounge
Vodka Day
Time: 04/10/2019 - 04/10/2019

Vodka Day is a great time to raise your glasses to one of the world’s favourite alcoholic drinks. Are you ready to explore new vodka-based cocktails and enjoy top brands vodka bottles with us?
Special menu for the day!
Vodka Combos:
– 1 bottle of Grey Goose + 3 mixer (Soda/ Tonic) complimentary 1 Fruits Platter or 1 Special Shisha. 2.490.000
– 1 bottle of Tito’s + 3 mixer (Soda/ Tonic) complimentary 1 Fruits Platter or 1 Special Shisha. 1.300.000
– 1 bottle of WA Vodka + 3 mixer (Soda/ Tonic) complimentary 1 Fruits Platter or 1 Special Shisha. 1.600.000
2 cocktails menu:
– Ice Breaker 120.000/ glass
– Moscow Mule 140.000/ glass

enjoy your drink at bar lounge | Irusu lounge
Sake Day
Time: 01/10/2019 - 01/10/2019

The 1st October is one of the most significant days in the Sake calendar, particularly for Japanese calendar. It is widely known as Sake Day, or “Nihonshu no hi”, which marks the first day of sake-making season. By fortuitous coincidence, the tenth year, hour and month, i.e. October are represented in the ancient Chinese zodiac system, also embraced by Japan, by the old character for sake
Enjoy our sake menu and celebrate this special day with us @IRUSU!
Sake cocktails menu:
– 84 Tini – 120.000/ glass
– Sake Hiball – 150.000/ glass
Sake shot/bottle menu:
– Shichiken Sparkling Sake: 220.000/ glass (100ml), 1.300.000/ bottle
– Sakuragao Tokubetsu Junmai Sake: 140.000/ glass (60ml), 1.350.000/ bottle

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